Here at RPM we offer the resources you need to take your independent film project to the next level.  Of course, there are specifications that your project must meet, but with the right project we can give you the global platform you need to reach your target audience.  Platforms, such as, Amazon are now offering outstanding rates for streaming content that are literally decimating the competition.  Feel free to contact us with questions regarding your film project.  Let's work together to get you the exposure you truly deserve.

Projects like this will be distributed on Amazon alongside of your project, leveling the playing field for up and comers.



About River Park Media

River Park Media is a production and distribution company based in Atlanta, Georgia.


RPM strategies are designed to develop, produce and distribute branded content, specializing in entertainment solutions and activation of a cross media platform.


River Park fuses music, television, mobile, print and social media into one relationship with our audience. 

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