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River Park Media with its staying power is one of the longest-standing black-owned partners with Entertainment One. Established in 2010, River Park Media Group is an emerging multi-media production label and distribution company that provides a platform for content producers worldwide. Our vision is to offer a home for independent artists to collaborate with us as we provide the infrastructure necessary for success. River Park Media offers a clever blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Caribbean, and Pop music capable of wooing fans from all genres.


The management has among its team and business relationships more than 20 years of combined successful entertainment and music industry experience including songwriters, indie artists and Grammy winning producers. Together the team’s backgrounds comprise all areas necessary to cultivate strong co-branding opportunities as well as extensive marketing and promotion campaigns for artists.

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At RPM, strategies are designed to develop, produce and distribute branded content, specializing in entertainment solutions and activation of a cross media platform. River Park fuses music, television, mobile, print and social media into one relationship with our audience. The company can then handle the shifts in audience interaction with our label and its artists.


RPM serves as a conduit between major distributors, content providers and multi platform viewers. Our artists are able to package and brand themselves within one company and reach the masses both locally and internationally. RPM has video and film production and editing capabilities, which adds another dimension to the artist for marketing.

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